Ellie Perlman introduces the podcast and gives us her own story. Ellie paints the picture of her humble beginnings and describes her journey to today; from poverty to a prestigious career, and one mysterious disease that changed it all. Her incredible honesty about her challenges and triumphs stand to inspire anyone who believes that they can’t succeed.

Joe Fairless went from feeling unfulfilled in his advertising job to becoming one of the most well-known real estate investors and coaches in America. He shares the story of his first deal and how inexperienced investors can seal the deal on their first multifamily property. He tells the story of his first experiences with brokerage firms, dealing with a Master Lease, and the challenges he experienced as a first-time investor. This episode is all about taking those first steps into multifamily investing and how to trust yourself along the way.

Mark Kenney shares the cautionary tale of partnering with the WRONG guy. This incredibly surprising story gives us insights into how a worst-case scenario can come to life and what to do if it does. This episode will hopefully inspire you to tread lightly and to always be cautious about who you’re working with.

Kathy Fettke tells the story of how she dealt with a failed deal. Through tears and laughter, you can learn a lot from Kathy’s story; her story surrounds how things fell apart, how she dealt with it, and what she learned along the way. Listen as she talks about how this deal affected her journey and perspective.

Jeremy Roll has been a full-time investor for over ten years, and he has seen it all. This story is about how Jeremy dealt with a completely failed deal as a passive investor. Jeremy invested in a syndication that he thought was safe and predictable, but was met with the opposite.

Brian Persaud tells the story of his first investment. On a whim, with only insurance money from his stolen car, he jumped into real estate investing. He never took a course and he wasn’t studying how to analyze a deal or how to buy real estate. Brian just saw the possibilities and took a chance. 

Matt Motil shares his exhilarating story about an eviction that turned into a nightmare. This story has all the ingredients of an investment soap opera: there is a break-in, vandalism, and an over-all messy dispute. Matt’s story personifies the importance of screening tenants and knowing who occupies your units.  

Dave Zook conveys his awe-inspiring story as to how he went from investing in multifamily properties to alleviate his tax situation to eventually moving offshore and investing in developments on the booming realm of Belize. His real estate story shows the importance of going against the crowd and being unconventional, as well as the significance of the team you choose to be a part of.

Joseph Gozlan shares his inspiring story about how he transitioned into the real estate business after leaving Israel and the remarkable friendship he struck-up with a World War II-era property owner that resulted in Joseph’s first multifamily transaction.

Frank Rolfe’s story begins with a hot, mushy sandwich given to him by a Korean War vet who owned a mobile home park he was interested in buying in Texas. The story ends with a strong bond and a deal, noting the importance of human relationships, not just in real estate, but in life.  

Lane Kawaoka was not content with taking a conventional path in life. He went from construction to real estate investing and then decided to make another bold move. Unlike the majority of investors, Lane started out as a syndicator, then turned to passive investing, where he joined other fellow syndicators. Lane shares with us his journey into the investing world and discovering his nontraditional path.

Jason and Pili Yarusi never imagined when they got involved in multifamily investing that one day they would be using one of their properties as a police stakeout! They share their exhilarating and unique story about how they landed their first big investment in the Midwest and built their team from scratch. Never in their wildest dreams could they have foreseen that the safety of their tenants would be endangered due to a bad building owned by the city. When the city failed to act, Jason took the problem into his own hands, got the police involved, and offered their units to acts as a stakeout. To Jason and Pili, investing is so much more than just getting checks, it is about making the community a better place. This couple has a wild and unique story that you will not want to miss

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