The 5 Best Tools to Scale Your Business

Updated: Mar 7

One of the common misconceptions of someone transitioning into a full-time career as a syndicator is that it requires tools they can’t afford. As your business scales, the tools will grow with it. But for a start-up or small business, there are many tools to take advantage of when getting started.

Here are the top 5 tools I recommend utilizing when you are just beginning to build out your own business. (As a disclaimer, no, I am not being compensated in any way for these recommendations.)

5. Appointlet

Cost: Free - $8.00 p/mo

Scheduling tools are becoming more popular and greatly help simplify communications when scheduling calls, meetings, and more. The reason I recommend this tool over others is because it provides me a way to easily send a link to someone to book themselves on my calendar (saving us time from having to go back and forth on communicating about what day and what time is better), and allows me to block times for specific activities.

For example, I do my podcast interviews for the month all in one day. Since it requires time to have the equipment and lighting set up properly, as well as be in a quiet and distraction free environment, it’s easiest for me to do this all in one day. Using this tool, my team can send the link to our upcoming guest to easily select a time that works well for their schedule and mine.

By grouping my activities into blocks, this allows me to better control my schedule and thus accomplish more during times that I have dedicated to each task. Another example is taking investor calls. By blocking all calls to the mornings only, I can then ensure I have enough time in the afternoon to address other business concerns. Blocking is one of the best features Appointlet offers and it’s essential for time management when running your own business.

4. Hootsuite

Cost: $29.00 p/mo

I often get asked how I manage to keep up with so many business-related functions, including overseeing our social media. The truth is while I do keep a broad oversight of it, I of course have a team who helps me and this is one of their favorite tools. While there are many options to choose from, Hootsuite is an affordable social media management tool that allows for content and post planning in advance, team collaboration, and more. The basic plan allows up to 10 social media profiles to all be stored in one platform.

For example, rather than my team having to go to the company LinkedIn page, and then move over to our Facebook page, and then move over to our Instagram account, this platform gives them access to post to any of them all in one place. Even more, messaging, comments, and reactions can all be monitored and managed on the platform as well. In a world with multiple minute by minute interactions happening across multiple social media platforms, this tool makes it easier for each one to be monitored and engaged with in one pl