1. Element 41 is Performing Well During COVID - The property is in high demand during COVID, thanks to its unparalleled outdoor amenity package, and has high occupancy and collections.

  2. Resilient Market & Proven Track Record - Atlanta is one of the only 3 markets in the U.S. with higher rents than pre-COVID levels. Our Atlanta MSA portfolio is over-performing, with an increase of 30% NOI in July alone (compared to pre-CVOID average), and with up to 28.5% rent increases.

  3. Very Conservative Deal - This is a very conservative deal with very conservative underwriting. Even lenders, who always lower their proforma income and increase proforma expenses, called us and said, “You are too conservative”. True story and an actual quote.

  4. High Demand from Big Players - Family Offices and institutional groups are currently looking to place $6M - $12M checks because they like the market and how conservative this deal is.

  5. Skin in The Game - All GP partners personally invest in the deal for a total amount of about $1M.

Institutional-Level *Well-Performing* Class B Property in a Strong Area in Atlanta Submarket



  • Deal Size: 494 units

  • Address: 991 Wylie Rd, Marietta, GA 30067

  • Conservative Underwriting: 0% rent increases and zero renovations during Y1.

  • Debt: 2.86% interest rate (fixed). Subject to Lender final approval.

  • Business Plan: renovate 80% of the units to match to current renovation.

  • Minimum Investment: $50,000 (depending on share class)

  • Hold Period: 5 years

  • Self-Directed IRA/401K investment options available

This investment opportunity is open to Accredited Investors only. This is not an offer to sell securities.  Investing involves substantial risks.  Refer to the private placement memorandum in the link below for information.

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